Ultimates and a Way of Looking in Philosophy

  • Hywel D. Lewis
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By ‘ultimates’, for the purpose of this paper, I do not understand in the first instance, some one supreme being or some alleged final source of all other conditioned existence — the infinite, the absolute, the transcendent, the unconditioned, God, or whatever term or description be thought appropriate. Not that I consider these notions unimportant for philosophy, or want to exclude them from what I want to maintain here about ultimates. They would in fact provide one excellent example of what I have in mind and provide a variation on my main theme which is significant and instructive in some special ways. But what I am concerned to put forward holds irrespective of whether one is disposed to consider seriously the idea of some supreme existent or reality along the lines indicated, and I am anxious not to confuse the present issue or give a wrong impression of what I am mainly concerned to advance at the moment.


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