Diffuse neuroendocrine system: peptides common to brain and intestine and their relationship to the APUD concept

  • A. G. E. Pearse
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Although ‘peptides common to brain and intestine’ makes an attractively concise title it requires amplification before one can begin to discuss the common peptides, and the possible implications of their existence. The phrase must therefore be expanded to read:

‘peptides common to the central and peripheral divisions of the nervous system on the one hand, and to the gastroenteropancreatic and related endocrine systems on the other’.

Whenever, in the cause of brevity, reference is made to ‘brain and intestine’ this amplification is hereafter to be understood.


Neural Crest Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Endocrine Cell Myenteric Plexus Nucleus Periventricularis 
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