Measuring System Performance

  • Andrew M. McCosh
  • Mawdudur Rahman
  • Michael J. Earl


It is ironic that whilst many MIS exist to provide intelligence and feedback for planning and control, monitoring and measurement of the MIS themselves is frequently inadequate. System performance should be measured for three reasons: (1) to ascertain whether the MIS has met its stated objectives; (2) to ensure that the ongoing MIS operates reliably and efficiently; and (3) to ensure that the MIS adapts to change. Just as in the performance, tracking and diagnosis activities of the management control system model described in Chapter 9, three feedback loops are involved: (1) system corrections and modifications to meet stated objectives; (2) modification and extension of system objectives themselves to meet changed needs; and (3) the decision to replace or kill the system when it no longer can meet current needs, or no longer is required.


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  • Michael J. Earl

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