Joseph Backler

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Lord John Russell’s despatch to Governor Gipps of June 1840 contained a memorandum from one James Oswald of Glasgow. The memorandum concerned Oswald’s fellow countryman (now convict) named Joseph Backler who had arrived in the colony on the Portland in May 1832. ‘Joseph Backler was transported to New South Wales in 1831, for a forgery committed in London of no great extent. He was about eighteen then ofage His Education had been good but though born of parents in a very respectable rank of life he had no benefit from parental over-sight or example. His abilities are very good, especially in the way of painting on Glass in which Department of Art his father employed himself in London. He is now at Port McQuarrie (sic) and the length of his stay there, it seems entitles him, according to ordinary practice to some relief or remission from the severe rules of that settlement—if his conduct have deserved it’.1


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