A good way to explain present-day politics is to go back to Adam and Eve, to show how they looked upon their problems and then how the problems have developed over the centuries. Although the hypothalamus is one of the most ancient parts of the vertebrate forebrain, speaking phylogenetically, we need not go quite as far back as that in order to explain its functioning. Physiologists can stay in the twentieth century. For instance, in the 1900 edition of Schaefer’s famous textbook of physiology, the hypothalamus is not mentioned at all, either in the index or in the chapter which deals with the parts of the brain below the cerebral cortex. This chapter was written by no less a person than Sherrington. The anatomist has to go a little further back in history because in 1865 a brain atlas was published by Luys in which the hypothalamus is described as the nucleus of Luys.


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