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Where Wild Swans Nest

  • Sean O’Casey


A long, sweeping drive, left and right, gave a ceremonial pathway to Coole House, which shone out, here and there, in hand-broad patches from between majestic trees, ripe in age, and kingly in their branchiness. The House was a long, yellowish-white Georgian building, simply made, with many windows, while a manly-looking entrance—tightly shut now for a long time—faced what was once a curving expanse of lawn, smooth as green enamel in a rajah’s brooch; but was now a rougher, but gayer, gathering of primrose and violet, making themselves at home where once prime minister, statesman, and governor, with their silk-gowned and parasoled women, strolled over the velvety green, their grace, charm, and power manœuvring the poor world about to their own sweet liking.


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