Lady Gregory

  • George Moore


Lady Gregory is a Persse, and the Persses are an ancient Galway family; the best-known branch is Moyaude, for it was at Moyaude that Burton Persse bred and hunted the Galway Blazers for over thirty years … till his death. Moyaude has passed away, but Roxburgh continues, never having indulged in either horses or hounds, a worthy but undistinguished family in love, in war, or in politics, never having indulged in anything except a taste for Bible reading in cottages. A staunch Protestant family, if nothing else, the Roxborough Persses certainly are. Mrs. Shaw Taylor [sic]1 is Lady Gregory’s sister, and both were ardent soul-gatherers in the days gone by; but Augusta abandoned missionary work when she married, and we like to think of sir William2 saying to his bride, as he brought her home in the carriage to Coole, ‘Augusta, if you have made no converts, you have at least shaken the faith of thousands. The ground at Roxburgh has been cleared for the sowing, but Kiltartan can wait.’ And the bride may have agreed to accept her husband’s authority, for had she not promised to love, honour, and obey? However this may be, the Gospels were not read by Lady Gregory round Kiltartan.


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