The Soviet Air Force

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Under the aegis of Air Chief Marshal Pavel Stepanovich Kutakhov’s Military Air Forces (Voenno-vozdushnye sily SSSR) fall three of the five components of Soviet air power: Frontal (Tactical) Aviation (Frontovaya aviatsa) whose air armies support military district ground forces or the groups of Soviet forces based in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakis, and Hungary; Long-Range Aviation (Dal’naya aviatsiya) which has at periods in the past enjoyed more overt autonomy under direct subordination to the Ministry of Defence or its equivalent as a separate command; and Military Transport Command (Voenno-transportnaya aviatsiya). The air elements of the Soviet Navy and the National Air Defence Force or PVO (Protivovozdushnaya oborona strany) form part of the commands presided over by Admiral Gorshkov and Marshal Batitsky, having been operationally detached from the Military Air Force (VVS) Command respectively shortly before and during the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45.


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