Protecting Minuteman Through SALT

  • Lawrence Freedman


During the first year of the Nixon Administration the Soviet ICBM effort moved forward steadily. From 896 ICBMs operational in September 1968, the Russians had 1028 by mid-1969, 1060 by the September of that year and 1158 by the end. In addition, the Russians were busy working on a number of new silos, a point which the Administration took pains to stress. A considerable proportion of the new construction was devoted to SS-9s. In September 1968 there had been 156 of these large missiles operational with another 72 under construction, making 228 in all. Using intelligence estimates dated 29 March 1969, Laird gave a figure of ‘more than 230’ SS-9s operational or under construction. This suggests a figure of 234, only an extra six since the start of the year.1 Thereafter there was rapid growth. By 1 September 1969 there were 282 SS-9s operational or under construction, of which some 18o were fully deployed. There was also growth in the SS-11 force. In September 1968 there had been 720 SS-11s operational or under construction; a year later there were 100 more. The number deployed rose from 520 to 644. It was only the SS-13s that still moved slowly. By September 1969 there were still only about 15 of these operational, with about another 25 under construction.


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