The Popular Car and Volume Production

  • Kenneth Richardson


In the centre of England, near to that low range of hills upon which stands Dudley Castle, and which separates the valleys of the Stour and the Terne, stands a district which seems to have been destined to become a centre of the metal trades. Nature had provided it with coal, iron ore, lime and clay, and man had forgotten to give it chartered towns with guilds which would cramp the spirit of individual enterprise. For centuries Birmingham, on its plateau of keuper sandstone,1 had been a magnet for men who wanted to work as they liked without being checked, and had developed from a village into a thriving town which could boast of its thousand trades. Plating, jewellery, guns, japanning and metal components of all kinds were made by this race of skilled, profit-seeking small masters, who could make anything and did not very much care whom they made it for.


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