The Outside World

  • R. C. Terry


There lies at the core of the Trollopian world in the heyday of Victorianism an earnest enquiry into what should constitute the good life in a just and equitable society. In all his books Trollope propounds a simple creed of good nature, honesty and love as the basis of self-fulfilment and social health. The foregoing chapters have shown how the individual is nourished and invigorated through the domestic ties of marriage and family. In the broader sphere of his social life and career—the world outside rectory and drawing-room window—man is exposed to greater strains and temptations, in which his natural pride, ambition and vanity cause more urgent crises of conscience. Here the conflict between ideals and practice is posed in its most acute form; here Trollope explores most fruitfully the concept of the moral life.


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