The use of deuterium labelling in mechanistic studies of metabolic activation

  • M. Jarman
  • P. B. Farmer
  • A. B. Foster
  • P. J. Cox


Stable isotopes have been used, in conjunction with mass spectrometry, in a variety of biomedical applications. Of these, the most widely exemplified has been the quantification of drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids (e.g. blood, urine), by mass spectrometry—stable-isotope dilution using isotopically labelled analogues as the reference standards. This technique has been extensively reviewed (Jenden and Cho, 1973; Horning et al., 1973; Lawson and Draffan, 1975) and need not be detailed here except to note that, for reasons of cost and ease of synthesis, deuterium has been the most frequently employed isotope, although, in principle, any other stable isotope (e.g. 13C, 15N, 18O, 34S) can be used.


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  • P. B. Farmer
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  • A. B. Foster
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  • P. J. Cox
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  1. 1.Chester Beatty Research Institute, Institute of Cancer ResearchRoyal Cancer HospitalLondonUK

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