Some Information about Technological Progress and Economic Growth

  • Yu. A. Borko
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The main topic of the article is the state of and the needs for, information about technological progress (the author uses the terms ‘scientific and technological revolution’ (STR) and ‘economic growth’ (EG). The key nature of the relationship between STR and EG is determined by the content, scope, and rate of development of science and technology. The strong necessity for a new approach to providing scientists with information about STR-EG stems from the multidimensional interdisciplinary character of this field of investigation. The problem of satisfying their requirements is viewed from two angles: (1) does the information exist? (2) is it available? The author supposes that there is a timely question of expanding, improving, and unifying the necessary empirical data. As concerns the availability, the author analyses the experience of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (USSR); different types of information retrieval systems used in the Institute, the organization of bibliographical and abstract information, etc.


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  • Yu. A. Borko
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  1. 1.Institute of Scientific Information on Social SciencesUSSR

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