The Last Chronicle of Palliser: The Duke’ s Children

  • John Halperin


In the Autobiography, Trollope concludes his discussion of The Prime Minister with these words: “I have an idea that I shall even yet once more have recourse to my political hero as the mainstay of another story” (p. 310). Trollope had more than simply “an idea” when he wrote these words. The Duke’s Children (All the Year Round, October 1879–July 1880; published in three volumes in 1880) was finished in 1876 but put away for three years when The Prime Minister failed so dismally. The last Palliser novel was not a popular success either (Trollope’ s accountants in the venture lost £ 120, which the novelist offered to repay1), but it was received by the critics with enthusiasm; and in recent years, though it remains one of Trollope’s more neglected novels, The Duke’s Children has been treated with respect and admiration by the few critics who have dealt with it.


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