An Economic Overview

  • Francis A. Lees
  • Hugh C. Brooks


According to United Nations terminology, the Sudan is one of the twenty-five least developed countries. These countries embrace a total population of 150 million persons, and a land area of 11 million square miles.1 The Sudan shares the following economic and related characteristics with these countries: (a) per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately $100, (b) a share of manufacturing in GDP of 10 per cent or less, (c) illiteracy of 75 per cent or higher, and (d) a low per capita level of electric power consumption. Africa accounts for 16 of these 25 countries, and the Sudan is among the largest of all countries designated as least developed (Table 3-1). The economic development prospects of these countries are hampered by poor physical infrastructure, lack of trained manpower, and a shortage of resources for investment.


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