The haemoglobin molecule as a model drug receptor

  • P. J. Goodford
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It is nearly a century since Langley (1878) suggested that there might be a substance in nerves or glands with which atropine and pylocarpine could combine. He was studying salivary secretion, and was attempting to interpret his observations according to the concepts of Guldberg and Waage (1864), who had recently proposed the Law of Mass Action. This Law was very attractive to Langley because it allowed him to formulate his ideas quantitatively, and many investigations of drug action have been interpreted along similar lines during the past 100 years. Such work may all be regarded as the logical extension of Langley’s pioneering studies, and it is appropriate that he should be remembered at this Symposium on Drug Action at the Molecular Level.


Electron Spin Resonance Receptor Site Dissociation Curve Oxygen Affinity Beta Chain 
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