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This book has been concerned with changes and developments in the Spanish economy since 1959. Areas where little has changed have been indicated as well as those where much has altered. This has not been in order to belittle undoubted achievements but because emphasis on ‘successful’ developments in the economy and, in particular, overall rates of growth has too often led to an uncritical assumption of equal progress on all fronts.


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  1. 3.
    The corps is an administrative entity dating from the end of the nineteenth century. See Kenneth Medhurst, Government in Spain (Oxford, 1973) Chapter 5, for an excellent description of the corps in the Civil Service.Google Scholar
  2. 12.
    Since the beginning of the 1970s, the annual average rate of growth of the active population was greater than 1 per cent. The decline in 1975 was not a reflection of changing demographic trends. See OECD, Economic Survey (1976) p. 12.Google Scholar

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