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  • R. G. Jones
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My understanding of economics goes no further than the tales of doom and impending disaster that I read in the daily newspapers and the letters I receive from my bank manager. Nevertheless, I must say that I’ve always found these seminars very interesting. However, with the British economy currently sliding downhill, I hope you will indulge me, if, as a natural scientist, I make one observation. I feel that social scientists, amongst scientists, start from a disadvantageous position. As Professor Corry said, ‘social scientists must convince each other theoretically’. Natural scientists on the other hand have the added advantage of being able to construct real physical models of what they wish to achieve. As a consequence, perhaps, we seem to get into trouble of a lesser magnitude than do social scientists. Forgive me for making this observation but I think it is relevant to our present situation in which it seems that on every occasion that Mr Healey stands up in the House of Commons, we hear of yet another economic crisis on a scale akin to that of the Flixborough disaster. If only it were possible for social scientists to construct pilot plants on which they could test their ideas before implementing them!


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