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Memories of John Synge

  • Walter Starkie


A declining septuagenarian is left with little else to do but rummage fitfully through the dusty lumber-room of memory. Whether this is a sign of approaching second childhood or not, I find the incidents which come easily and clearly to my mind and the personalities who press upon me most closely are those of three score years ago. Hence my resolve to set down some of my memories of John Millington Synge and of Jack B. Yeats, whose centenaries we are celebrating this year.


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  1. 11.
    Deirdre by AE, was first produced at the Abbey Theatre on 2 April 1902. Yeats’s Deirdre had its première on 24 November 1906. Synge’s Deirdre of the Sorrows was first presented on 13 January 1910. For a full comparison of the three plays see Francis Bickley, ‘Deirdre’, Irish Review (Dublin) (July 1912) p. 252.Google Scholar

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