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Synge and the Irish

  • John B. Yeats


The acrimonious dispute carried on in the newspapers over John M. Synge and his plays is the eternal dispute between the man of prose and the man of imagination. Synge’s plays, his prefaces to his plays, and his book on the Aran Islands, like his conversation, describe a little community rich in natural poetry, in fancy, in wild humor, and in wild philosophy; as wild flowers among rocks, these qualities spring out of their lives of incessant danger and incessant leisure; there are also bitter herbs. When I used to listen to Synge’s conversation, so rare and sudden, as now when I read or listen to what he has written, I can say to myself, ‘Here among these peasants is the one spot in the British Islands, the one spot among English-speaking people, where Shakespeare would have found himself a happy guest.’


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    Michael Davitt (1846–1906), Irish Nationalist leader and founder of the Irish Land League (1879); author of Leaves from a Prison Diary (1884)and The Fall of Feudalism in Ireland (1904)Google Scholar

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