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Synge in Hospital

  • Joseph Holloway


Tuesday, July 6. Miss Kitty Clinch, on looking over a copy of The Sphere for last week, came across a likeness of J. M. Synge, and it set her speaking of his life in Elpis just before his death. Poor fellow, he kept murmuring, ‘God have mercy on me, God forgive me,’ in his delirium just before death. His favourite nurse was a Catholic and used to make him say his prayers each morning and night. She used to pray for him, and he thanked God he had someone to pray for such a sinner. He called her his ‘tidy’ nurse because she was always in apple pie order when attending on him. He liked her, and she liked him and did everything she could to make his last hours happy. Before he lost consciousness, she sprinkled holy water over him, and he opened his eyes and asked was she baptising him, and then added, ‘Perhaps it is best so.’


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