Can We Articulate ‘Articulation’?

  • Aiden Foster-Carter


Marxists2 writing on development and underdevelopment, which barely a decade ago was largely confined to the shrill critiques of a few voices crying in the wilderness, seems well and truly now to have ‘taken off’. Indeed, the growth of this new (or rediscovered) paradigms3 has been such that there seems to be almost as much variety of opinion and analysis within it as could be found among the bourgeois development theories that Marxists so trenchantly criticised. So whereas a few years ago it seemed appropriate to sketch out the distinctive features of a Marxist perspective as such, in comparison with other approaches,4 today the observer is more likely to be struck by the controversies and debates going on between participants who would probably all claim to be in some sense Marxists, but who appear deeply and perhaps increasingly divided over fundamental issues.


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