The Role of the Commonwealth Development Corporation in Project Formulation and Implemetation with Particular Reference to Agriculture in Swaziland

  • A. R. Kendrick


The mode of operation of the Commonwealth Development Corporation (C.D.C.) was described by Mr F. R. Wilson at the Conference entitled ‘Accelerated Development in Southern Africa’ held at Jan Smuts House, Johannesburg, in 1972, and is therefore available in the proceedings of that Conference published by Macmillan in May 1974 under the same title. However, as this article is a case study of the C.D.C.’s agricultural activities in Swaziland, it is felt that a further brief description here covering the C.D.C.’s methods and interests would provide a desirable background to the reader and assist in a better understanding of the worldwide activities of the C.D.C. in its development roles.


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