Trade Prospects for Developing Countries after the Rise in Oil Prices

  • Alasdair MacBean
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In Chapter 4, Jan Tumlir drew attention to the transfer problem that will develop as a result of vast surplus revenues accumulating in oil-exporting countries. He suggested that the problem might be overcome through the investment of petro-dollars in developing countries, pointing out that it is unlikely to take place though if the products of that investment are excluded from the markets of developed countries. What is called for is a reform of commercial and industrial policies in the industrialised world to effect a shift from developed to developing countries of manufacturing activities in which the latter have a comparative advantage by virtue of large reservoirs of low-cost labour. In Chapter 9, George Ray urges that developed countries should move out of those industries which in order to compete have become, under the influence of heavy protection, very capital-intensive, so that resources can be released for technologically more advanced industries.1


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