Internal and External Aspects of Development Plans and Performance in Aid-receiving Countries

  • H. B. Chenery
  • N. G. Carter
Part of the International Economic Association Conference Volumes, Numbers 1–50 book series (IEA)


The analytical and philosophical basis for the aid and development programmes of the past decade was formulated in the early 1960s.1 In outline form it asserts that:
  1. i

    external resources can be used by underdeveloped countries as a basis for a significant acceleration of investment and growth;

  2. ii

    the maintenance of higher growth rates requires substantial changes in the structure of production and trade;

  3. iii

    external capital can perform a critical role in both resource mobilisation and structural transformation;

  4. iv

    the need for concessionary aid declines once these structural changes are well under way although further capital inflow may be needed.



Foreign Exchange Saving Rate Capital Requirement External Resource Capital Inflow 


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