Long-term Planning and Forecasting for Education in the German Democratic Republic

  • H. Maier
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The general development and education of the working people is, under socialism, one of the main objectives of social development, and is at the same time an important factor in developing society itself. Thus, long-term planning of the educational and qualification level of the working people will be of great importance in planning and forecasting the general development of a socialist society.


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    The models of planning represented in this paper are based on ideas first developed by the author and elaborated by Dr Udo Ludwig and Dr Juergen Wahse. See U. Ludwig, H. Maier and J. Wahse, Education as Economical Power under Socialism [in German] (Berlin; Dietz Verlag, 197Google Scholar
  2. 1.
    See S. G. Strumilin, ‘The Economic Significance of National Education in the USSR’, in The Economics of Education, ed. E. A. G. Robinson and J. E. Vaizey (London: Macmillan for the I.E.A., 1966).Google Scholar

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