The hepatic protein synthesizing response to alcohol and fasting

  • M. A. Rothschild
  • M. Oratz
  • S. S. Schreiber


The liver appears to be one of the most sensitive organs to the stress of fasting showing a marked loss of hepatic protein and RNA. Associated with this loss of hepatic RNA is a marked decrease in the ability of the liver to synthesise proteins for export1–7. Of interest is the fact that when the isolated liver is exposed to alcohol there is an equivalent alteration in protein production for export but there is no such marked loss in hepatic RNA8,9. These observations suggest that while alcohol and fasting appear to influence the synthesis of proteins by the liver, particularly albumin, in an equivalent fashion, the mechanism by which the protein production is altered might not be the same. The present study was undertaken to determine how the stresses of fasting and alcohol influenced the basic factors responsible for the synthesis of serum albumin.


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