Energy—Background Considerations

  • Charles A. McAuliffe
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The year 1973 is an important one in the history of Man’s use of energy. The Arab oil embargo initiated a period of deep concern by the governments of many industrialised nations; rapid price rises, in addition to uncertainty of security of supply, have forced oil-importing nations to reassess energy policy. This initial reassessment involved two main factors: first, to make energy use more efficient and secondly to develop national energy resources to maximum capacity. The latter intention has certainly gripped the imagination and determination of Western nations, but as for more efficient use of energy, little has been heard of this since the oil embargo ended. Certainly the UK Department of Energy’s feeble advertising campaign exhorting more efficient use of energy is no excuse for an almost complete lack of legislation enforcing this vital matter. One can recall Emmanuel Shinwell, shortly after World War II, urging that no houses should be built without adequate insulation against heat losses. Thirty years later there is still no such legislation. This book is intended to offer information about the increased incorporation of hydrogen into the overall energy economy and, as such, does not deal explicitly with political matters. This author does not subscribe to the interpretation of the phrase ‘energy crisis’ as meaning energy shortage. There is no shortage of energy, but we must adapt quickly to changing patterns of energy supply.


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