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Thestory of Bakunin’s personal life has been carried down to the early summer of 1871, when a momentary improvement was visible in his financial circumstances. The improvement was of short duration. Lack of funds prevented the publication of the second instalment of The Knouto-Germanic Empire. In October 1871 the despairing mood of the first months of the year reappears in the diary. “Handed over the last ten francs for marketing”, runs the entry for October 25th. “Nothing coming in. What is to be done? Balance 3 francs 35 centimes.” On November 14th the family had been without meat for two days, and would soon have no candles or firewood. It is evident that these preoccupations loomed far larger at this time in Bakunin’s mind than the intrigues against the solidarity of the Inter-national which Marx so eagerly attributed to him.


September 1873 Financial Circumstance Irresistible Desire Swiss Confederation Righteous Indignation 
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