Fluctuations and Intervention

  • J. A. Chartres
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AS in international commerce the impact of fluctuations and of the intervention of governments was also experienced in the home trades in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Apart from Ashton’s work on the eighteenth century, little interest has been shown in the cyclical movements of the pre-industrial economy, although Hoskins, and Braudel and Spooner, have discussed the topic in terms of price movements [72; 74; 75]. While scholars have shown interest in the general philosophies of state intervention in the economy, within this area the home trades have not yet received their due share of attention. Thus the basic fluctuations in the home trades, their determinants, and their relationship with the activities of the state await a detailed study. As with so many areas of this subject, many of the most interesting questions have yet to be answered.


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