Blood on the Thames

  • S. G. Sturmey


I was very happy when the Honourable Company of Master Marines invited me to speak here tonight. I felt my credentials for coming among you were fairly good. After all, is not my father a master mariner and a member of the Honourable Company in Australia? But my lineage is longer than that. In 1633 one Samuel Sturmy (without an ‘e’) was born in Gloucester and died in Bristol in 1669. He was buried at Easton-in-Gordano and there is a wooden memorial tablet to him in the nave of St George’s church there. In 1669 Captain Sturmy published his famous book The Mariner’s Magazine. Despite his short life and his time away from home on his voyages he was succeeded by a son, and I like to think that nearly 300 years later the name Sturmey, with the same initials, on a book connected with shipping represents family continuity and not merely coincidence. Regrettably, looking at the picture in Mr Kenney’s book The Quadrant and the Quill, the facial resemblance between the man I am trying to claim as my ancestor and myself is not strong.


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