Employment Opportunities, Family-building and Internal Migration in the Late Nineteenth Century: Some Swedish Case Studies

  • Sune Åkerman
  • Anders Norberg
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Swedish migration studies focusing on the recent historical development have used two different approaches. One type of study has tried to reflect the effects of industrialisation and urbanisation on the population turnover and particularly the net migration on an aggregated level. Another type has concentrated on the individual in the same framework but with a stronger inclination towards psychological and social effects which follow the structural changes of a modernising society. In the actual research situation we feel more concerned about reporting from the last mentioned type of investigation. Well aware of the importance of the macro-level approach, we are inclined to stress the necessity of scrutinising the migration patterns related to the individual. It means that we have to use other types of interpretations than have traditionally been applied by economists, geographers and demographers. We are quite convinced that such research, concentrating on the individual, is necessary for our understanding the macro-level as well.


Infant Mortality Employment Opportunity Marriage Market Parish Boundary Migratory Movement 
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  • Sune Åkerman
    • 1
  • Anders Norberg
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  1. 1.University of UppsalaSweden

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