The Wartime Origins of Some Major Postwar Issues

  • Lionel Gelber


As the date was set at the Teheran Conference for a West European or second front to be opened by Britain and the United States, that conclave probably marked the apex of wartime good feeling between Russia and the West. It was after the Big Three met again at Yalta, in February 1945, that Churchill began to fear, an apprehension shared by Roosevelt before his death, how Stalin might violate agreements reached about the postwar frontiers of Poland and about the principle of self-determination for the countries of Eastern Europe once victory over Hitler had been won. But at Teheran there were, as yet, no definite glimmerings of that cold war which cropped up during the final wartime meeting of the victor Great Powers at Potsdam in July 1945 and before the war in the Pacific had been terminated.


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