The United States, Britain and the Open Seas

  • Lionel Gelber


The West is a set of countries with concepts of freedom that extend far beyond an instrument of policy like the North Atlantic Alliance. The former, however, could not survive without the latter. The disparity between them resembles one to which the French refer when they distinguish between the pays réal and the pays légal. It will be extraordinary, too, if, as has often been proposed, more is done to expand the existing coverage of the North Atlantic Alliance; most signatories fail to carry out current assignments as much as is urgently needed. One point raised by the next three chapters, all written and published during the 1970s, is how the West now has challenges to face beyond the specific boundaries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Never was the notion that Western Europe and North America can retire into their own shells more far-fetched or teamwork between them more essential.


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