Tariff Quotas under the Generalised System of Preferences

  • Michael Rom
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The purpose of this chapter, and also the one that follows, is to discuss the role of tariff quotas in the various generalised systems of preferences (GSP), both those which have been suggested and those which have been put into effect. But it seems desirable first to provide a background in the form of a few general comments on GSP. There is really no possibility of doing more than this within the framework of this book, as limitations on space prevent the extensive discussion that the subject really deserves, for this is one of the main topics with which UNCTAD has been concerned from its inception. It is sufficient to glance at the bibliography on the subject of preferences, prepared by the UNCTAD Secretariat from the documents of UNCTAD itself, to get an idea of the voluminous material available on the subject.1 Even this bibliography in no way gives a complete picture, partly because it was made a few years ago, but also because it refers only to the documents of UNCTAD itself and not to the many other documents, books and articles which have been written on the subject.


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