The Evolution of Alfred Marshall’s Economic Thought and Writings over the Years 1867–90

  • J. K. Whitaker


Alfred Marshall’s career between 1865 and 1890 falls into three distinct phases. First came the years of apprenticeship, 1865 to 1877, which spanned the interval between his degree and the resignation upon marriage of his College Fellowship and Lectureship in Cambridge. Second were the years 1877 to 1885 of his exile from Cambridge — spent partly in Bristol, where he became the Principal of the nursling University College, and partly in Oxford, where he succeeded Arnold Toynbee at Balliol as Tutor to the Probationers for the Indian Civil Service. The final phase followed his return to Cambridge as Professor of Political Economy in January 1885. This last phase culminated in the publication in 1890 of Marshall’s Principles of Economics, Volume One which cemented his lasting reputation and held Anglo-Saxon economics in its thrall for almost half a century.


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