An Analysis of the Sample Firms’ Accounts

  • Sanjaya Lall
  • Paul Streeten


In this chapter we shall present a brief analysis of some aspects of the sample firms’ performance, financing and profitability as shown by their annual balance sheets and profit-and-loss accounts. A great deal of attention is devoted in the literature to discussing how foreign investors finance their investments, how profitable transnationals are, and how they ‘perform’ in various respects vis à vis other firms in less-developed countries; yet there is still a large grey area of semi-ignorance on these matters, illuminated only by fragmentary and scattered evidence, from small samples or else provided on a highly aggregated basis by capital-exporting countries (mainly the USA).1 Our data, pertaining mainly to the 109 sample firms from India and Colombia, can add only a little to the empirical knowledge that exists (the analysis of financial patterns, productivity and performance was not germane to the main purposes of our research and so was not pursued at great length), but it may none the less prove useful in clarifying some of the issues.


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