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Throughout this book, the main theme has been that each aspect of product policy only makes sense if it is considered together with all other aspects of product policy. Thus, for example, search for product possibilities cannot be considered in isolation from market possibilities and business aims, while organisational aspects must be considered in conjunction with marketing aspects. However, it is sometimes difficult to represent these points to the reader in a way that brings them home. This can sometimes be done with the use of examples scattered throughout the text, but the problem with this is that by the time the reader reaches the end of the book, he may have lost the thread of thought. For this reason, we have chosen to bring the conclusions together by presenting a worked-through analytical case history of a firm in a particular situation facing the problem of product line change. The example is based on the characteristics of the firms examined for the purposes of the book and the types of market situation encountered. Although it proved impossible to design an example which brings up all the points considered by this book it is hoped that it will answer most of the questions that might arise concerning the viability of the integrated approach. First we summarise the conclusions reached throughout the book, and then proceed with the case history.


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