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Unlike the verdict in 1923, the results in October 1924 were unmistakably decisive. From the first declared result (a Conservative gain from Labour in Salford South) it was clear that there was a major and decisive trend to the Conservatives. The first six results all showed Conservative gains — and all from those same northern industrial constituencies which had deserted Baldwin in 1923.1 By the early hours of 30 October, when the morning papers went to press, the state of the parties read: Conservative 167, Labour 76, and a mere 21 Liberal. The results when counting resumed in the rural areas showed an even greater Conservative landslide as the Liberals were swept aside in.rhe counties. The net result was that the Conservatives were returned to power with 412 seats, Labour were reduced to 151, whilst the Liberals could elect only 40 Members (see Table 19.1).


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