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The use of projects for development purposes is not new, or rather the use of things called projects is not new. But exercises thought of as ‘training projects’ achieve little, and the subjects are often as trivial as laying out the canteen or justifying a new machine. What is new is to set projects with a real significance for the firm. A significant project will catch the imagination of the team and the various conditions for learning apply, namely:
  1. (1)

    Relevance is visible

  2. (2)

    They can build on their existing experience

  3. (3)

    Somebody is to take note of the project, and their performance.

A good project for a cross-functional team is ideally one that will make the team look at several, if not all functions while gathering their facts and while considering possible recommendations. A project with long-term as well as company-wide implications provides the best development, as well as showing up who has the potential to consider things from the larger perspectives and who continues to represent his department’s view.


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