Strategies of European Nations

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It has been a major objective of the North Atlantic Alliance to involve the Americans in the defence of Europe. It was the United States view from the beginning that, while they must take chief responsibility in the strategic nuclear field and play a large part in naval operations, the ‘hard core of ground power in being’ would have to come from Europe.1 To this view they have steadily adhered, and their attitude towards a land force contribution has been coloured accordingly. A presidential message dated 10 March 1955 stated:

It will be the policy of the United States to continue to maintain in Europe, including Germany, such units of its armed forces as may be necessary and appropriate to con?stitute its fair share to the forces needed for the joint defence of the North Atlantic Area while a threat to that area exists, and will continue to deploy such forces in accordance with agreed North Atlantic Strategy for the defence of this area.2


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