Selection of Grinding Wheels for Use at High Speed

  • K. B. Southwell


The already established use of resinoid bonded wheels at speeds up to 16 000 s.f.p.m. is briefly discussed, outlining the methods of reinforcement which enable these wheels to operate at the higher speeds. The paper goes into greater detail concerning vitrified wheels for use in high speed precision grinding at speeds up to 12 000 s.f.p.m. describing the selection of wheels in relation to their performance characteristics, with mention being made of the refinements necessary in the process of grinding at high speed and the potential benefits to the overall production operation. Emphasis is placed on the safety aspects which generally restrict precision grinding operation to a maximum operating speed of 12 000 s.f.p.m. Reference is made to changes that would be necessary before speeds of 16 000 s.f.p.m. and higher could become a production reality.


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  • K. B. Southwell
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