The Plowden Report: A Translation

  • W. J. M. Mackenzie


Translator’s note. The report reached me when I was busy with other things, and a reading of the summaries, a quick perusal, conveyed nothing to me at all. My interest was reawakened by a note in Mr Anthony Sampson’s book The Anatomy of Britain at page 284, that this was a ‘revolutionary and critical document’ written in an unknown tongue. I used to be a philologist, sometimes I wish I still was; here is a shot at a translation. Much is of necessity conjectural, but this version has a certain internal coherence which gives it plausibility, like the stuff about clerical officers doing imprest accounts which the late Michael Ventris got out Minoan Linear B. So I hope some editor will take a chance with it.


Public Expenditure Public Account Departmental Decision Trading Account Critical Document 
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