Nicholas Copernicus’ Revolutions

Book Two
  • Jerzy Dobrzycki


I have given a general account of the earth’s three motions, by which I promised to explain all the phenomena of the heavenly bodies [I, 11]. I shall do so next, to the best of my ability, by analyzing and investigating them, one by one. I shall begin, however, with the most familiar revolution of all, the period of a day and night. This, as I said [1,4], is called nuchthemeron by the Greeks. I have taken it as belonging particularly and directly to the earth’s globe, since the month, year, and other intervals of time bearing many names proceed from this rotation, as number does from unity, time being the measure of motion. Hence with regard to the inequality of days and flights, the rising and setting of the sun and of the degrees of the zodiac and its signs, and that sort of consequence of this rotation, I shall make some few remarks, especially because many have written about these topics quite fully, yet in harmony and agreement with my views. It makes no difference that they base their explanations on a motionless earth and rotating universe, while I take the opposite position and accompany them to the same goal. For, mutually interrelated phenomena, it so happens, show a reversible agreement. Yet I shall omit nothing essential. But let nobody be surprised if I still refer simply to the rising and setting of the sun and stars, and similar phenomena. On the contrary, it will be recognized that I use the customary terminology, which can be accepted by everybody. Yet I always bear in mind that


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