M.P.s and their Surgeries

  • Anthony King
  • Anne Sloman


In the early eighteenth century, a particularly obstreperous Member of Parliament replied in these terms to some constituents who had written to him asking him to vote against the Budget. ‘Gentlemen,’ he said, ‘I have received your letter about the excise and I am surprised at your insolence in writing to me at all. You know, and I know, that I bought this constituency. You know, and I know, that I am now determined to sell it, and you know what you think I don’t know, that you are now looking out for another buyer, and I know what you certainly don’t know, that I have now found another constituency to buy. About what you say about the excise. May God’s curse light upon you all and may it make your homes as open and free to the excise officer as your wives and daughters have always been to me while I have represented your rascally constituency.’


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