Some Historical Reflections on Planning and the Market

  • Maurice Dobb


In speaking of the period of the N.E.P. in the Soviet 1920s, Mr E. H. Carr has said that ‘the economy remained fundamentally a market economy’ and that ‘the connection between the State sector and individual agriculture through the market dominated all other economic relations’;1 with the implication (presumably) that it was upon the relation between industry and agriculture, as this existed at the time, that the character of the system as a ‘market economy’ depended. This was certainly the prevailing Soviet opinion at that period; and it was perhaps as an echo of this that Stalin shortly before his death, and referring to the kolkhoz agriculture of this later period, attributed the continuing survival of ‘commodity production’, or market relations, to the existence of two (different) forms of what he called socialist property in industry and agriculture.2


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