A Lifeline to England 1935–8

  • Michael Balfour
  • Julian Frisby


The changing character of life at Kreisau helps to explain why Helmuth, after spending a fortnight on his own at the Berghaus in November 1934, wrote to Freya that the idea of permanently existing there seemed so absurd as to make him unable to think how he could have contemplated it. But this conclusion ruled out one possible answer to the problem of how to make life tolerable in Hitler’s Germany; he could not do so by withdrawing to his farm. He therefore began to look for other solutions and in the following autumn started to practise law privately in Berlin in conjunction with an older man called Karl von Lewinsky.* Two considerations led him to specialise in international law. Most of the German experts in this field had been Jews and had therefore had to cease work, so that there was a shortage of qualified advisers at a time when the need for advice, particularly from would-be emigrants, was growing. To go on with, this field would fit in well with his wider objective of building up a position outside Germany as well as one inside.


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