Argument and Frustration January–April 1943

  • Michael Balfour
  • Julian Frisby


The first event of importance in 1943 was the fullest meeting ever to take place between the Kreisau Circle and the older group centring round Beck and Goerdeler. The initiative for this came on the one side from Popitz* and on the other from Gerstenmaier. Schulenburg acted as a convinced intermediary. Gerstenmaier secured the support of Adam von Trott, while Helmuth, who was antagonistic and only gave way in deference to his friends, described Peter Yorck as ‘much less negative’ than himself.1 The meeting was held in Yorck’s Hortensienstrasse house on the evening of 8 January, with Beck, Goerdeler, Hassell, Popitz and Jessen† on the one side, Helmuth, Peter, Adam von Trott, Gerstenmaier and Schulenburg on the other. Two accounts have survived, the first being Hassell’s:

Extremely interesting but fundamentally unsatisfying was a big discussion between the ‘juniors’ and ‘seniors’ at Yorck’s. The juniors, who in contrast to the seniors presented a united front, were led by the very witty Moltke who thinks along Anglo-Saxon and pacifist lines. I was again very favourably impressed by Gerstenmaier with whom Popitz and I had a talk beforehand. Beck presided, extremely weakly and keeping too much back. Goerdeler provoked but tried unsuccessfully to conceal a sharp collision between himself and the juniors, chiefly in the social field. Goerdeler is really a kind of reactionary. The ‘unity’ of the ‘juniors’ does not incidentally really include Fritzi Schulenburg who is much more of a realist in political matters. I am happy to think that the ‘juniors’ have enough confi?dence to discuss their doubts with me.2


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