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The fruit bodies of this genus grow abundantly on decaying stumps and trunks of both coniferous and frondose trees. Cap fleshy, luminous when fresh, and brightly coloured; gills deeply decurrent. Stipe fibrous, fleshy, central or eccentric, spore print pure white; spores, when old, have slightly thickened walls, hyaline, subglobose to short-ellipsoid; basidia normal; cystidioles often numerous near the edges of the gills. Spores, basidia and hyphae non-amyloid; hyphae have clamp connections; epicutis little differentiated; hymenophoral trama irregular or subregular with a recognisably axillary trend, near the thin subhymenial layer.


Fruit Body Dead Wood Clamp Connection Pileal Surface Hymenophoral Trama 
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