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The species belonging to this genus can be recognised by their bright colours, and grow usually on the soil, in open fields, meadows, mountain slopes, lawns and dense forests. The cap is either viscid or dry, often bright red or bright yellow, or fire-red, more rarely violet, green, or pink, or dull coloured, or colourless. In brightly coloured forms the gills are either decurrent to adnexed, or adnexed to sinuate; in dull coloured and colourless forms the gills are usually non-decurrent. Spore print white; spores smooth, thin-walled, non-amyloid, uninucleate or more rarely binucleate; basidia two- or four-spored; cystidia sometimes present, filamentous. Hymenophoral trama subregular or regular. Stipe striate or smooth, dry or glutinous. Context mild, more rarely bitter, latex absent.


Mountain Slope Bright Colour Clamp Connection Bright Yellow Spore Print 
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